Giorgio Verdi is a sartorial consulting company, offering clients a unique tailored experience under the close guidance of menswear insiders.

Our story began in the spring of 2011 when our founders’ paths crossed for the first time. They both had a love of style and immersed themselves at the heart of global trendsetting. Living in Naples, Sicily, and Florence opened their eyes to the elegance, deeply rooted tradition, and innovation that is Italian Menswear. After earning their stripes under local merchants and legends of fashion, they brought that tradition back to the States’.

From bankers and real estate agents, to actors and musicians, our stylists help dress the modern man with a thorough knowledge of classical style and contemporary trends. We consider everything, from the weight of a suit fabric, the design, the cut, your personal traits, and fabric texture to create an accurate look for any occasion. Because of our extensive knowledge of the established rules of menswear, we will bend and break those rules to capture your personality in a way that’s completely unique, while staying true to the traditions of a professionally dressed individual.

We believe every man should have a say in how he looks. Now, you can.

-The Giorgio Verdi Team